Team Riders

  • Bryce Ognenis

    Victoria #1, MX Nationals #38, Bryce is the 2023 Victorian Pro MX 450 Champion and a leading Australian Pro MX Competitor. With impressive skills and a track record of podium finishes, Bryce showcases determination and excellence in motocross racing. See Bryce on the MX Nationals stage representing our Xtreme Moto Gear.

  • Corza Lapsley

    Corza Lapsley #147 is a talented Victorian Junior Competitor making waves in the motocross scene. Corza's dedication and skills inspires young riders of Australia. See Corza on the track in Victorian MX events representing our Xtreme Moto gear.

Alan Smith : Owner & Founder

Here at SWS Moto we make custom products for racers, or anybody for that matter, individuals, clubs or any organisation, choose from our stock products, or go for something completely original the choice is yours.

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Today we are an independent manufacturer of ultra-tech performance moto apparel, and still having fun riding moto.