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Bieffe Suzuki 1991 Kit

Bieffe Suzuki 1991 Kit

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Introducing the Vintage Bieffe Suzuki 1991 Moto Kit – a fusion of timeless style and cutting-edge performance for motocross enthusiasts. Our innovative motocross kits redefine excellence with a meticulously engineered design chassis and an entire composition of advanced mesh fabric. This ultra-lightweight kit delivers an optimal race performance fit, unparalleled flexibility, ventilation, durability, and comfort, embodying the spirit of the classic Bieffe Suzuki 1991 era.

Key Features:


  • No-fade sublimated graphics pay homage to the iconic Bieffe Suzuki 1991 era, ensuring a timeless and distinctive look.
  • Choose between Raglan Style sleeves, Set-in-Style, or the renowned GP series for personalised style that resonates with the classic Suzuki vibe.
  • Experience a hybrid fit with set-in style tailored sleeves, offering the perfect balance between comfort and top-tier performance.
  • Polyester/Spandex 4-way stretch main fabric provides unmatched flexibility, crucial for motocross enthusiasts.
  • Polyester/spandex sleeves feature 4-way stretch, enhancing mobility during intense rides.
  • Taped collar and cuffs add a touch of refinement, ensuring a polished appearance both on and off the track.
  • Selected Jerseys feature laser-cut holes for ventilation, allowing for a cool and comfortable riding experience.
  • Moisture-wicking material keeps you dry, enhancing overall comfort during your motocross adventures.
  • Minimal seams ensure maximum comfort, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the thrill of your ride.
  • Flat-stitched seams minimise irritation, providing a smooth feel against your skin for a consistently enjoyable experience.


  • No-fade sublimated graphics continue the tribute to the Bieffe Suzuki 1991 legacy, delivering a standout appearance on the track.
  • Strategically placed vented mesh panels optimise airflow, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable during demanding rides.
  • Engineered expansion stretch panels on the waist, crutch, butt, and calf guarantee unparalleled flexibility and freedom of movement.
  • Premium abrasion-resistant inner knee panels contribute to the kit's durability in high-stress areas.
  • Abrasion-tolerant Poly/Spandex blend strikes the ideal balance between strength and flexibility.
  • Ultra-lightweight pre-curved chassis design enhances comfort and agility during your motocross endeavours.
  • Cinch-style waist closure and adjustable hip side cinches provide a customisable fit, ensuring maximum comfort as you ride with Suzuki 1991 style.

Revive the golden era of motocross with the Vintage Bieffe Suzuki 1991 Moto Kit – where timeless design meets modern performance. Ride the legacy, ride with confidence.

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